Terms and Conditions

Our only terms and conditions are that you enjoy the group, if you have any problems please email us direct or send a message to a member of the admin team.

All orders are posted our as soon as possible, please remember that all the team work on a voluntary basis and some of them also have full time jobs.

In other words have fun and be nice to others, that’s all we ask.

So good to have you aboard the crazy train (or should that be motorhome / campervan)

As the Summer season ends and the nights are drawing in,  some are all so ready  for the great getaway to a Sunnier climate, where as most are still here braving the wind and rain! Hey , but as long as we are still getting out and enjoying ourselves it doesn't matter where.

Where ever you go or end up enjoy the journey! 

Stay safe and happy travels doing what you love best!