About Us

Darren and Leanne started this group back in January 2014 as a non profit making group for people with the same passion and enthusiasm for Motorhomes and Camper vans.

We love getting away in our Motorhome as much as we can,but a bit fed up with being ripped off by the likes of the large organisations so the thought of somewhere we could share the best places to visit, the cheapest, tips and advice on vans with like minded folks became very appealing.

We have since grown so fast that it has become obvious we are not alone, so why not come join us, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Through this group we have made life long friends and consider many now as family.

We have lots of meets arranged and still more to come exciting times!

Look forward to meeting you some day!
Happy and Safe Travels !
Leanne, Darren and the Team